Extension of Liability on Mexican Car Insurance



Imagine you’re driving along a highway when you suddenly hit another car, causing damages. If you have car insurance you know how to deal with this situation, so you’ll call your insurance company.

This hypothetical scenario considered that you are driving your own car but what if this happens while you are driving another car? If you are responsible for a crash you could be liable for damages and care expenses of the driver and their passengers. Damages could cost more than you think.

Instead of reacting to an accident situation, you can have the peace of mind of having the full coverage of our Plus Package that includes “Extension of Liability”.

What is Extension of Liability?

Extension of liability car insurance covers damages caused by the policy holder when driving any other private vehicle similar to the insured vehicle. Which means that in addition to having the coverage of damages to third parties while driving your own car, in case cause damages with someone else’s car your insurance will be responsible for the expenses that this accident generates.

Note that the other vehicle must be similar; for example if your drive a sedan, the other car must be a sedan not a van.

When does this coverage apply?

1.   When you cause damage to another vehicle (auto, motorcycle, bus, etc)
2.   When you cause harm to people
3.   When you cause damage to things (such as a house, a post, etc.)

Remember this only applies while you are driving someone else’s car.
Being prepared for an emergency is at least 50 percent of the problem’s solution and you can do this by getting our Plus Package Auto Insurance. If you have an accident driving someone else’s car, you’ll be prepared with Mexicard.

The next time you are visiting Mexico remember going to mexicard.com to get a quote and buy your Mexican auto insurance so you have a nice and safe trip!

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