Tips if you are planning to travel to Mexico by car

travel to mexico by car

It is a great experience exploring our Mexico lindo y querido by car. Driving to Mexico allows you to live the scenery, make stops to try our delicious food and to know warm and friendly people. What can we say! We hope you enjoy our country as much as we do!

In order to have the best travel, here we have some tips to be prepare before your trip when you travel to Mexico by car.

Tips to be prepare before your road trip

1. For any long trip, you should have your car checked.

2. Do observe Mexican laws. This is important.

3. Every tourist arriving to Mexico by air must obtain a tourist migration form which is a document issued by Mexico’s INM (Instituto Nacional de Migración) for vacation purposes that lasts for up to 180 days. Keep it in a safe place, you might be asked about it at your departure from Mexico.

4. Exchange your U.S. currency or travelers checks into Mexican currency in a sufficient amount. You can find a good exchange rate at airports or in currency exchange establishments near the borders.

5. When entering Mexico by land all passengers can carry a maximum of 300 dollars in merchandise, in addition to your personal belongings.


6. U.S. driver’s licenses are valid in Mexico.

7. If you travel to Mexico by car beyond the border zone (13 miles to the south into the country), you will need a Temporary Import Vehicle Permit.

8. In Mexico you can dial 078 from any phone for tourist assistance: tourist attractions, airports, car rental companies, hotels, hospital, fairs and exhibitions and financial services.

9. Your U.S. auto insurance is not valid in Mexico. You need Mexican insurance before you cross the border.

Remember, Mexican insurance is required for all vehicles. In Mexicard we have the best options, rates and coverage with trustworthy insurance for your car when driving in Mexico. While you’re traveling you deserve to enjoy some quality time with your family, fun and relaxation; let us take care of keeping you and your family protected. You never know when you might need your Mexican auto insurance.

Tips regarding tourist auto insurance in Mexico

Buy auto insurance with an independent insurance agent. They work with multiple carriers, so you can get the best coverage for the best price (if you buy with Mexicard you already have this benefit).

– Don’t allow anyone to drive your car without a valid driver’s license and don’t drink while driving. This would void your insurance if you get in an accident.

– In case of accident, call the Insurance Company immediately. Don’t leave the scene of an accident until the adjuster have arrived (unless it’s a fortuitous event or major force).

– Don’t bribe officials in the event of an accident. Your adjuster can handle all details of your accident.

We hope you enjoy your trip! When you come back home, tell us your best experiences and share some pictures with us.  Don’t forget to get your policy with Mexicard when travel to Mexico by car.  Have a great trip!

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