How to know if a website is safe to buy Mexican Insurance



Data security should be an important area of concern for every business. It has never been easier for consumers to purchase an insurance policy directly online, but this kind of shopping involves personal information like a phone number, home address and yes, credit card. Once you give your information to a website, it’s their job to protect the data that you gave them and that’s what we do: protect your information when you buy your car insurance policy. It is very important that you are careful of who you trust with your information online; you don’t have to worry when you buy online with Mexicard!

How do you know if a site is legitimate and if you should give them your data? Why should you trust in when it comes to buying auto insurance for Mexico? We will tell you an easy way to know if a website is safe to buy (applies to any product or service).

Points to look for on a secure website

The first thing you can check right when you arrive to a new site is the address. Check your browser’s address bar for “https” before the website address. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.
Website are encrypted.
In order the “https” connection, the company is required to install a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. This certificates are issued by third party Certificate Authorities.

Most web browsers now check the security and certificates of a website prior connecting you and will show you a warning of something doesn’t look right. Valid SSL certificates will produce a green, ‘safe’ padlock on your browser’s address bar.

2. Domain Extensions
Be careful with domain extensions that are not common. Extensions like .biz, or tk are cheap to register and are often used to create scam sites.

3. Phone number and/or physical address
Having this information available is a good sign to spot a real business. Electronic-only support is not a bad thing, but giving means of contact in the real world adds a few points towards finding a legitimate company.

4. Pop-up ads
These type of publicity often leads to phony sites build with the purpose of stealing personal information. Pop ups are also disliked by customers in general so companies refrain from using them in order to make their product appealing to a larger audience.

5. Unsolicited email
Reputable websites don’t send any email unless they have your explicit permission. It is common to ask for such authorization from you whenever an email address is asked during any process the site handles.

6. Privacy statement
Check for a privacy statement to find all the information regarding a site’s usage of your data. The lack of this info could be another red flag to spot a sketchy website.

7. Essential Information points-to-look-for-on-a-secure-website
it is a good practice to only ask for information from a customer only when it’s required to complete a task. Filling out your personal information with no apparent reason could lead you to trouble. Additionally, make sure you are only asked for information relevant to what you are doing.

8. Extra Reassurances
A company can add all sorts of certificates that can back the business legitimacy. If a website has the ability to process payments, they often include a badge or a certificate that avails the security of that operation.
Other types of badges than can be found are from associations of companies of the same line of business, reviews sites, etc.

Shopping online is very convenient, quick and easy (especially if you buy your auto insurance for Mexico with Mexicard). When you buy an auto policy with us you stay safe online and your information is protected, plus you have the best rates and the best coverage while you drive in Mexico. Stay safe and get a Mexican Auto Insurance quote now! Compare prices and purchase your policy with the confidence that you are buying from a safe website.

Prevention is the best approach to handling your data security. is a site you can trust when browsing the internet and have all the security points to protect your information.



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