Get Mexican Auto Insurance

Are you going to Mexico soon? Are you planning to cross the border driving your own car? If the answer is yes, remember, you need to get Mexican auto insurance as soon as possible.

You might be wondering why… It’s actually simple: your US vehicle insurance will not provide you any coverage once you have crossed the border. And you can get a ticket for not having Mexico auto insurance.

Toll roads are good in Mexico – maybe as good as they are in the US. That’s good news, driving in Mexico is pretty safe. Unfortunately, accidents happen everywhere – included Mexico, of course. Yes, even though roads are in good shape. Accidents happen, even though you are the best driver in the world.

And guess what? Bad news, you could go to jail or have to pay a lot of money in case you have an auto accident and don’t have Mexico auto insurance. That’s what Mexican laws say… No matter you don’t like it.

So, why running risks? Either you are on holidays or making a trip for business purposes… Don’t leave things to chance. Make the smart decision when crossing to Mexico. Don’t forget to get Mexico auto insurance for your car. And you will be getting peace of mind for yourself.

Enjoy your trip.

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