In case of accident

It is very important that all accidents or losses occurring in Mexico must be reported to the insurance company prior to your return to the US. Do not make any agreements with third parties, or admit liability or make offers of payments without previous consent of the insurance company. Failure to do so may jeopardize your claim.

Call the Insurance Company by dialing the number as indicated in the Policy and be prepared to provide your exact location and please write down the date and name of the person assisting you and always request a reference number.

Observe safety measures at the time of the accident, ask for medical aid if needed and try to clear the vehicle of the traffic if this is possible, etc.

Follow the instructions from the person taking your report and from the Mexican adjuster assigned by the insurance company for your claim.

Be sure to keep copies of all forms and reports regarding your claim. If possible, take pictures of any damage to vehicles at the scene of the accident.

The insurance company will arrange to handle your claim to conclusion.

To report a claim dial these numbers while in Mexico





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This information is only a courtesy and may vary depending your roaming services, telephone and carrier. We encourage you to contact your carrier to request additional information.